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How do I add my store?

It is quite simple to do it by sending us voucher codes through submitting Voucher, or if we aren’t able to receive any your store, please visit “Advertise With Us” or contact us immediately.

How does Favorite Stores work?

There is “Favorite Stores” page available on our system so that it allows you to save your favorite stores; therefore, it is easy for you to access this page without remembering effort.

To save your favorite store, what you have to do is to click on the heart icon right on the description of our store page given.

Add to favorites

To take Favorite Stores list for the next access, please click the heart icon on heading page, and here come the lists.

Favorite Stores

Note: It is applied for visitors and members only. However, store lists can be disappeared if visitors delete the cookie, so it is the best that you should create your own account here.

How to save vouchers

In average, we up-date thousands of voucher codes daily, so it is very hard for you to find exactly your vouchers that you have seen before or your favorite ones, but they aren’t being used at the moment.

Save vouchers” function is newly updated at to help you quickly save the most beloved voucher codes on your account.

How to use “Saved Vouchers”? In fact, on the website, “V” symbol can be seen at the beginning of each voucher code. Thus, when you click “V”, it will automatically be saved on your account.

Click to save

To restore voucher codes you have saved, click “V” icon again at the top of the page where all you care are stored.

Saved Vouchers

Some other questions may pay your attention:

If you have more questions which don't have in Merchant help, please send us immediately through our contact page and all will be soon replied within twenty-four hour.