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Submitting a Voucher

How do I submit a coupon?

By two different ways, you can share a coupon with others on

Method 1: Visit the home page and pull your browser to the footer. We have the smart tool which helps you share great coupons. So you should fill in the blanks of the form.

Box 1 - Enter the correct Store Name or even the domain name (you should uncheck "/" to get quick and accurate results).

Box 2 - Choose the right type of discount you want to share including Coupon Code, Free Shipping and Great Offer.

Box 3 - Enter the correct coupon information and a short description to track how much money you helped people save

Box 4 - Enter Title

Box 5 - Enter your code

Box 6 - Expire Date

Finally, if you are not a robot, please confirm by checking on the "I'm not a robot." It is the last step before you press "Submit Coupon Code".

Method 2: For faster, you can go directly to the favorite store. We have a plus sign button "+" with green colour on the right side and near the end of the browser. Click the "Submit coupon code" and just do steps like method 1 above. (With this method you can skip step in box 1)